Apas Size 6

         1) Toe Guard & Extra Grip will add more weight to the bat.
         2) Waxing seals and nourishes the wood and is used as an alternative to linseed oil, it also gives a shiny appearance to the bat when compared to the oily appearance from linseed oil. At A-Steorra, we suggest waxing. However, if you want to apply linseed oil, kindly click on the no button above. Linseed is not applied once waxing is done.
        3) Every bat of ours is tailor-made and personally inspected before it is shipped. It takes up to 15 working days for a customised cricket bat to be ready. Once it is ready for delivery, depending on the destination of your order, the shipping cost & time may vary.
       4) To get the desired output, a small tolerance in certain specifications should be expected and accepted.
       5) If you have a cricket bat profile in mind that you want to make or if you want to replicate your old favourite bat or that of your favourite cricketer's, kindly send us images on Whatspp or through E-mail or contact us at +916381533434 or

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