Who We are

Welcome to Vom Haus A-Steorra. Vom Haus is German for, ‘From the House’ and Steorra is an old English word for ‘Star’. I named it A-Steorra because of my fascination for luminous objects. These luminous bodies have a sparkling effect on me because of their innate ability to illuminate. Although a cricket bat or other cricketing equipment is not luminous by nature, they light up me because of my incandescent love for them. Opening a pristine cricket bat straight from the factory, knocking the sweet spot to hear that absolute melody, smelling the leather in a brand new red cricket ball or checking the fit of a new pair of batting gloves, these are feelings that I can’t quite express in words. I hope & believe every product coming out of my ‘House’ will have a similar ‘Starry’ effect on you.

Having spent thousands of hours in sports retail stores, carefully studying the buyer behavior, I’d realized that most customers bought cricket bats and other equipment without completely relishing it. Most of the time, something or other about the cricketing equipment they had selected was undesirable to them. They had no other choice; they had to choose the best of the undesirable and never really got something that they truly desired. The equipment is never exclusively made for them. A large majority of the cricketing goods sold in retail is manufactured at a large scale to the manufacturer’s specification and design & not to the prospective customer’s needs or wishes.

A cricket bat is arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment in a cricket field. Although a good cricket bat is no guarantee to runs on the ground, it does help in the pursuit of scoring runs and dramatically so in case of an excellent bat. Most of the cricket bats sold worldwide are mass produced. There is a huge difference between a professionally handmade bat, made to the player’s needs and specifications & the mass-produced monotonous bats sold in retail & online stores. Most professional cricketers only use a bat that is specially customized to their liking in terms of Weight, Balance, Shape, Size of Edge and Spine, Sweet spot etc.

Not just the bat, the case is the same when it comes to other cricketing equipment. For far too long the amateur or the recreational cricketer has been buying something that is undesirable without any option, therefore, I think it’s time we at A-Steorra, changed the way people bought cricket bats and other equipment. It is time we democratize this space and, make it possible for anyone to customize their cricketing equipment & get top class products like professional cricketers.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a junior just beginning or if you are a club, amateur, recreational, corporate cricketer or even if you’re a professional cricketer, if you just love this game & love top quality cricketing equipment & want them to be customized to your liking, you are in the right place. Happy Customising!

Founder - Vom Haus A-Steorra.