About Us


Welcome to Vom Haus A-Steorra. Vom Haus is German for, ‘From the house’ & Steorra is an old English word for ‘Star’. I named it A-Steorra because of my fascination for luminous objects. These luminous bodies have a phenomenal effect on me because of their innate ability to illuminate. Although a cricket bat or other cricketing equipment is not luminous by nature, they light up me because of my incandescent love for them. Opening a pristine cricket bat straight from the factory, knocking the sweet spot to hear that absolute melody, smelling the leather in a brand new red cricket ball or checking the fit of a new pair of batting gloves, these are feelings that I can’t quite express in words. I hope & believe every product coming out of my ‘house’ will have a similar ‘Starry’ effect on you & light up, you.